What time will the event start?

The event will start at 9:00 am and will end at 4:00 pm..

Are parents expected to pay entrance fees for the Schools expo?

Yes parents are paying fees to attend. Parents can buy tickets online on our website and pay using EcoCash, Visa Card or MasterCard

What sort of schools will exhibiting at the schools expo?

This coming Expo private schools, church based schools and independent schools will be there. The schools will be from different parts of the country. There will also be a wide selection of schools since we are expecting over 70 schools to attend.

What are schools expected to bring for exhibition?

For those attending the expo for the first time below are the list of things to prepare:

  • Branded uniforms for easy identification by the parents
  • At least 2000 brochures for distributing to parents
  • 2 tear drops with school logo and name
  • A vinyl material name badge (20cm x 300cm) with 6 holes.
  • 1 standalone banner with vision and mission
  • 1 swipe machine for those who need to take deposits
  • Registration forms for new students and transfer students
  • Note book for booking parents with interest
  • Picture frames with the school and its facilities
  • Optional: A TV to display a slide show of the school set up

What will be the setup at the schools expo look like?

The schools expo will be held in an open area. Schools will be housed in tents in the area. The open space will give schools more room for display and will allow free movement of visitors.

What time will be the setup for schools and companies?

The schools can set up on Friday. However, for safety measures do not leave valuable items overnight.