We believe that there is no substitute for personal contact with parents

Make the right choice for your School and exhibit


"The private schools expo is the number one trusted way to promote your school"

Cost Effective:

It offers budget friendly solutions to publicize your school.

Target Market:

It pulls in a highly targeted market of over 5000 people.

New Audience:

Get your school connected with the new generation parents

Face Time:

Add more of your Schools personality and care to parents.

Relationship Builder:

You can establish a student base through compiling email lists.

Learning platform:

Study activities of competitors, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Partnership creation platform:

It is an opportunity to any School that is planning to create a partnership with other companies and like-minded people.

Direct Enrolment:

Enrol students on spot and fill up your school the easy way by participating at the private schools expo

The Zimbabwe Schools Expo is a once a year information day, for parents, guardians, and caters of children who are starting school, making a transition to senior high school or are just looking for a location to transfer to.